Lachy Campbell

Lachy v2

After undertaking my first Snap Fitness 8 Week Challenge earlier this year and losing 14kg in the process I took time out to re-asses my goals for the future. A few months passed and whilst happily maintaining my weight and figure there was still something missing. I felt I needed something different; I wanted to become the fit healthy looking person rather than just the guy who lost a lot of weight.

I met with Kelly to work out goals for my next 8 week challenge. I decided I wanted to go for a lean and athletic look and to try and drop a few kg from 92 to 85kg. In the process I was also hoping to tone up and define my muscle. After the conclusion I finished on 79.1kg with a very lean and toned physique (5.8% body fat) and a body that I am now extremely proud of! In the wash-up of the 8 weeks I was club champion for Snap Morningside and a state finalist in the body transformation category. I couldn’t have done it without Kelly’s knowledge, guidance, coaching, determination and belief.

Kelly’s training programs were and are always challenging and change regularly to keep my body guessing and to keep my mind from getting sick of the repetition. The things I have most noticed about my training are how much better my technique has become, avoiding injury and seeing greater results. I have also seen how much of a difference a well designed, well written program makes in achieving goals and results.

Working with Kelly gave me everything I needed to be more organized. She worked out exercise training plans and a weekly timetable. Even working around my odd working hours and tinkering with several food plan options. With Kelly’s help I have built a healthy and sustainable lifestyle around working odd hours and a full social load.  Kelly Walker is a great choice for a personal trainer no matter the goal!

Carmel Isaac

Carmel 1

I first joined the gym in 2003, after realising that my weight was out of control and if I didn’t do something about it, it wouldn’t be long before I too became another statistic as a result of not eating right and no exercise.

Over four years I lost 32kg but couldn’t get the last bit of weight off. There was a 12 Week Challenge coming up in the gym which finished on my 56th birthday and I set myself a goal of weighing my age on my birthday. I started doing PT with Kelly in August 2007 for the Challenge and lost a further 10.5kg to weigh 55.9kg on my birthday – goal achieved! This success saw me take out the Female Winner for our club that Challenge.

I’ve been training with Kelly ever since and the results that I have achieved to date are largely due to Kelly’s expertise (but of course my hard work also) in all aspects of training. Kelly is very professional when it comes to diet, nutrition and individual training programs, going out of her way to help her clients – nothing is ever too much trouble for her.

I have since taken up running which I had never done before in my life. I have finished the Gold Coast Half Marathon twice, the Bridge to Brisbane fun run three times, and with on going expert advice from Kelly the goal this year is the full Gold Coast Marathon in July. I have my comprehensive training program from Kelly and she follows my progress closely.

She is without a doubt simply the best. I am certainly reaping the rewards by living a happy and healthier lifestyle once again. I would be lost without this amazing trainer, I love Kelly’s sparkle and energy. She has total commitment and dedication to each and every one of her clients – Kelly Walker trainer extraordinaire!

Annette Sofos

Annette updated

I had battled with my weight for years, constantly yo-yoing up and down until I reached the point where I was at my heaviest. And so, in late 2006 I decided I had to make some changes in my life or I wouldn’t be around to enjoy it, so I joined a gym! This was very intimidating for me and I felt very uncomfortable. I bought a pack of 3 personal training sessions from Kelly, whom I’d met previously at an outdoor circuit class she was running, which I stopped attending when it got too hard & started making excuses not to go.

Kelly showed me how to use the cardio machines and gave me a weights program to do on my own. My intention was to just have the 3 initial sessions then maybe see a trainer once every few months, but at the end of the 3 sessions I was hooked and decided to continue PT with Kelly, starting out with 2 half hour sessions per week.

Kelly gave me some nutritional guidelines to follow and so the process began! We set a goal for me to lose 20kg by the end of the year. To my surprise the weight and centimetres just kept dropping off, in 6 months I had lost my 20kgs and in just 10 months I had lost a total of 25kg. I have now kept it off for over 2 years, having gone from a size 16–18 down to an 8–10! I continue to train with Kelly 3 times per week, an hour each time, 2 weights sessions and 1 boxing session, which I just love!

So how did personal training change my life? Kelly taught me a new lifestyle, and this in turn has made me a totally new person. I feel so much better, have a much healthier and positive approach to life and believe I can do anything if I work hard enough to achieve it! I have acquired a passion and dedication to the fitness industry which I now work in, and as of February 2010 I’m now a qualified personal trainer.

I could not have completed this journey on my own. We have had to deal with old injuries flaring up which at times seemed too hard to overcome. But Kelly was always there; she has supported, motivated and encouraged me. She has liaised with physios to ensure I was still able to exercise whist recovering from these injuries. She always has a smile on her face, she makes me laugh but at the same time knows just how hard to push me to get the results.

I have met and watched a lot of personal trainers in the last 3 years, and do not know anyone else like Kelly – she goes above and beyond to help her clients achieve their goals. She has also supported and mentored me throughout my studies. Kelly inspires me so much; I can only hope that I will be as good a personal trainer as she is, and make a difference to someone’s life the way she has to mine – Kelly Walker you are a superstar!

Deb McCarthy


In early 2006 I set myself a goal to compete in a body sculpting competition. I joined my local gym and told them of my goal and they introduced me to Kelly, as Kelly had competed in similar competitions. This was the beginning of a great relationship, not only professionally but it lead to a lasting friendship.

From the onset Kelly worked with me diligently, putting together programs and food plans in order to achieve my goal. Kelly gave me motivation, encouragement and inspiration. She was there with me every step of the way, going above and beyond my expectations of a personal trainer. Two years on the result was I reached my goal and competed in the INBA Masters 50+ division achieving 2nd in Queensland and 3rd in Australia.

Kelly is extremely knowledgeable, articulate and enthusiastic. I thoroughly recommend her for any goal you wish to achieve whether it be weight loss, increase fitness or body sculpting – Kelly Walker is the PT for you!

Deb has since competed again in 2010 winning the INBA Masters 50+ Qld Titles and placing 3rd at the Nationals in Melbourne! Here are some pics of her awesome achievement:

Deb 2010
A big thanks to Nick Harding for taking some great pics for us in Brisbane!

Bron Jennings (nee Murray)


First thing you need to know about me – I’ve always exercised, but I’ve always been a “big girl”. All through high school and my 20’s – I could run, I could ride, I could play a game of netball. But the pieces of the puzzle weren’t in the right places and I was still a size 16-18 – people were often surprised to hear how much I weighed since I exercised so much. I had a PT for the past 5 years who was great, but we were mates, not trainer/trainee and I wasn’t putting 100% into our sessions. The past 2 years though I put a lot of time and effort into my health and changing my habits. I joined an online diet club and achieved some great results, but got lazy and had an overseas trip and before I knew it the kilos were sneaking back on and I was heavier than when I started!

But that all changed this year (2010) – I entered a 12 week challenge through my gym and achieved some great results – losing 10kg – with my body finally letting the fit girl inside bust out. I wasn’t satisfied though – I wanted more! And what’s the number 1 motivating factor for a woman to lose weight??? White gown syndrome – yup I was now engaged and the big day was within 6 months. Oh that’s the other thing you need to know about me – I’m goal oriented – give me something to work towards and I’ll bust my butt until the last second.

Although I had achieved great results on the challenge with my old trainer I wanted something more. I had the dress of my dreams but my body wasn’t quite up to scratch – couple of problem areas to work on so I looked as beautiful as I felt inside. I knew of Kel through seeing her at the gym and I knew she produced results since a couple of my friends train with her. Her reputation is well known – I wanted someone to motivate me, hold me accountable to my actions, form an eating plan as well as exercise and help me to achieve my goals! Kel does all of this and more, every day.

Kel is quite simply incredible. She puts 110% into each of her clients, creating an individualised program for exercise and also food plan so that your body is getting the right fuel it needs. And I think that’s what so many people don’t realise. You can exercise for hours every day – but if you’re not eating the right food in the right combination at the right time, you just won’t get results. And results I got – I finished the 10km Bridge to Brisbane in an astonishing time of 50mins 20sec (my time last year was 1hr 02 mins). Clothes were looser. I literally felt better each morning when I woke up. Exercise wasn’t a drag. For Kel, training someone isn’t just about seeing them for a session once a week, she monitors your progress, suggests other exercise options to mix things up and she is always available, via email, a quick SMS (even at 8:30pm in a post weights what-snack-to-eat panic) or a quick chat at the gym.

And on the big day? I was another 5kg lighter, and my body fat was down to under 20%. My wedding day was one of the best days of my life – and so much of it was thanks to Kel and the amazing work she put into me and making me believe I could achieve what I wanted to! Thanks to her belief in me, I now believe in myself and I’ve entered in the biggest challenge of my life to date – the Mooloolaba Olympic Distance Tri in March 2011! Make Kelly your PT – it will change your life!

What My Clients Say About PT With Me:

“I love training with you because you understand what I want, you offer me a complete training package (dietary guidance, PT with you and training programs to complete on my own) and you believe I can achieve great things, even if I can’t see it yet! My technique has improved out of sight since I started training with you. I have a personal trainer to give me that extra kick, that extra motivation and to know that I’m being held accountable to someone – it’s been known to stop a mouthful of icecream halfway to my mouth! I find I work harder during a PT session. It also offers more variety in my exercise routine – between cardio, weights and PT I’m always kept interested” … Bron

“You helped me find my life by giving me the tools, advice, support and encouragement in showing and teaching me about a better healthier lifestyle, one which saw me achieve my goals. I never get bored, you change my training up so that I can continue to achieve, you’ve pushed and worked me hard to advance from basic weight training to advanced exercises, I never know what is coming next … there’s always a surprise! You are dedicated, professional and passionate, you have gone above and beyond to help me achieve and maintain my goals, including working with other health professionals to enable me to continue to train through medical issues and degenerative injuries. You helped me find my confidence and worth in this world” … Annette S

“To achieve your goals you need to have energy, dedication, a strong mind and most importantly a dedicated Personal Trainer who is both a hard taskmaster and your personal cheer squad” … Karen

“My half hr workout with Kelly Walker PT Extraordinaire is 30 mins well spent! Kelly corrects technique, encourages you to perform and gets the best out of you. Kelly can help you achieve what you think is impossible but while doing this is caring and very positive that you can and will achieve your goals. No question is a silly question and Kelly is willing to answer your questions in her own time by email or SMS. Kelly is always there for you and I would not only describe Kelly as my PT but as a friend. If you decide to welcome Kelly into your life, you will not be disappointed” … Cheryl

“Kelly has been and is still a great influence and trainer for me. She has made weight training fun and challenging where I “enjoy” and look forward to going to the gym. Kelly is passionate, friendly and has great ways of making you work hard and achieve personal goals. I would recommend her to anyone” … Annette B

“I chose you to be my personal trainer because you are professional, you know what you are doing, you tailor programs specifically to your clients needs and you are flexible for clients who have to adjust their schedules to suit business requirements” … Kristine

“I like doing PT because I enjoy exercising with weights in a safe environment (ie right technique), but also being pushed to my limits. The accountability and motivation that comes from PT is great. And having someone to talk to while exercising takes your mind off how hard you are working! Boxing is fun and great for getting frustrations out. Overall I find exercising a great stress relief, particularly when I’m pushed to my limits. I enjoy the training you provide, I find you friendly and motivating, but also you are good at knowing when I need pushing (because I’m lazy!) and when to back off. I also appreciate all the effort you put into planning behind the scenes both with food and exercise. The knowledge I have gained since starting PT with you is amazing” … Colleen

“What I really love about your training is that you are so totally dedicated to helping all your clients in all aspects of the fitness and weight loss industry. As well as designing safe and effective exercise programs to help us reach our personal goals, you go above and beyond what other trainers do, your knowledge in all aspects of the training industry just blows me away. I get a kick out of telling people how you helped me to win the 12 week challenge. I can’t imagine my life without you being my trainer and friend” … Carmel

“I continue our PT because of your commitment to helping me train to the best of my ability and also the way you encourage me to go that bit further than I think can” … Mark

“I wake up the morning after I train with you – sore muscles – can barely brush my hair or go to the bathroom – and think … why do I train with you?! It’s because you push me to my limits, make me not give up and in turn I feel stronger to achieve my goals! Plus I now know why it’s important to write down what you eat as I think twice when I want to eat something bad now. I like training with you as you make it fun but hard and don’t rush our training sessions” … Jo W

“I continue to train with you because you are so consistently (and I mean 100% consistently) professional and completely focused and dedicated to your clients, with an amazing attention to detail. You even know a split second before me when I am going to fatigue – simply amazing! You inspire without judgment, and encourage so gently, sensitively and tactfully” … Annie

“The reason I like training with you is now I love weights, and for my body it’s the best thing I can do. When I am weight training I get motivated to keep exercising. I think you are a good trainer because you plan and think about your sessions according to people’s goals. Your commitment to your clients extends beyond the contact time with the client which to me demonstrates a level of professionalism” … Melissa

“I continue to do PT with you because you care, you do far more than just our sessions (emails, measures, my own programs, exercises to take on holidays), you are always encouraging and you seem to know what is best for my body. You are reliable and a good communicator” … Annabel

“You listen to people when they train but at the same time push them a little bit further, especially when you know they are capable of doing more weight. You take into consideration that almost everyone has issues with some part of their bodies and have a different exercise up your sleeve if the person can’t do one, and are not negative if the person can’t do a certain exercise” … Iris