* * Snap Fitness Australia Personal Trainer of the Year 2012 * *

I’m based at Snap Fitness Morningside and offer One–on–One Personal Training and Group Training sessions.

How I can help you:


Strength/Resistance training: I have personally been resistance (weight) training since I first joined a gym at 17 – and I love it! So it’s no surprise the majority of my PT sessions are comprised of resistance training. There are many benefits to lifting weights as part of your weekly exercise routine – increasing strength and muscle mass (and ladies I’m not necessarily referring to building “Arnie” physiques!), toning your bodies, increasing your metabolism (your body’s fat burning machine), fixing or improving injuries and reducing pain. With all these benefits it amazes me how many people are still not doing it! With my knowledge and experience I will teach you how to correctly and safely lift weights to achieve your goals, regardless of your current level of experience, making it a fun experience along the way.

Cardiovascular training: Cardiovascular (cardio) training is very important for everyone, even if you don’t need to lose any weight. Someone can be naturally thin but still have an unhealthy heart. By undertaking regular cardio training we are making our hearts healthier and stronger to help reduce the risks of cardiovascular heart disease. Whether you’re a beginner that needs to learn a basic understanding of how cardio machines work and what levels you need to work at, or someone that wants to be challenged to some interval style training, or maybe you want to enter a fun run, half marathon or full marathon and need a training plan set up for you, I can help you on that path to a fitter, healthier, you!

Boxing for fitness:
Challenge your body to an intense cardio workout that you can’t do on your own, a great way to break up your weekly cardio routine. Experience it for yourself to see what an exhilarating experience it can be!

Personalised programs: People respond differently to different styles of training. I know that what works for someone isn’t necessarily going to work for someone else. I will tailor your programs to your individual needs to work towards achieving your health and fitness goals. You will be given a program to follow so you know exactly what you need to do away from your PT sessions.

Nutritional guidance: Nutrition plays a huge role in getting the right results from your training. Many people think they are eating healthy, and quite often can be, but are just eating too much for their body’s requirements. Some people just lack the knowledge of what they should be eating generally. If you need help in this area I can offer some guidance to steer you in the right direction to better fuel your training.

Regular measurements: It is important to track your starting point, and your progress along the way to your goal, to ensure you are getting the correct results from the training plan and that you are correctly fuelling your body with the right nutrition. I will measure your weight, tape (girth) measures and skinfolds on a regular basis, calculating for you your body fat percentage to determine the breakdown of your scale weight into body fat and lean mass (muscle, bone & fluid).