About Kelly

* * Snap Fitness Australia Personal Trainer of the Year 2012 * *

Hi there! Are you looking for a personal trainer in Morningside? I am a registered Personal Trainer with nearly 15 years experience working in the fitness industry.

My qualifications include Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Apply First Aid & CPR, as well as certifications in Fitness for Older Adults, Rehab Trainer, Pre & Post Natal Exercise, Boxing Training for PT’s, Nutrition for Sport, IAPC’s Bodybuilding & Contest Preparation and Altitude Training Instructor Level 1.

I spent the first 6 years of my PT career working out of Goodlife Morningside, and during part of my time there I also held the position of Fitness Director for the club in charge of the Personal Training department.  From October 2010 to date I have been working out of Snap Fitness Morningside 24-7.

My background includes over 23 years of weight training and gym experience, having first joined a gym upon leaving school. At the age of 20 /21, I achieved one of my ultimate goals by training for, and competing in, two bodyshaping figure competitions in New Zealand, placing 2nd at the Regional competition which qualified me to compete at the Nationals.

This achievement was one of my main driving factors for becoming a Personal Trainer. It made me realise I really can do anything if I set my mind to it. I wanted to be able to help people change their lives and experience the same satisfaction I felt after achieving my goal. I wanted to share my knowledge and experience so everyone can get the most out of their training, teach people how to correctly and safely perform exercises, educate people (particularly women) on the many benefits of resistance (weight) training, and hopefully eliminate any fear people might have of weight training and/or working out in a gym by showing them it can be fun and enjoyable rather than a chore. I also now draw on my one downside to my competition and use this to help my clients – which was my unhealthy relationship with food. After dieting for so long and becoming so lean for competition day, learning to eat “normally” again was a challenge. I gained nearly 20kg post comp rather than the 7-8kg I probably should have gained. It took me many years to regain a healthy relationship with food, but now I win that battle – the majority of time!

My achievement of getting up on stage didn’t come easy, it took a lot of hard work and determination, and for me there were certainly many tears along the way. I was a lot younger than my fellow gym buddies who were also competing and I now know that muscle maturity and life experience in general wasn’t on my side, however I didn’t let that stop me. I was fortunate to have the support and encouragement of one of New Zealand’s top bodybuilders Kaye O’Neill, who I met as a work colleague in 1997 and have remained friends with. Kaye believed in me and never gave up on me. Kaye is a very inspirational lady who has certainly contributed to me being who I am today, and through this, leading me to choose what I believe to be the best job in the world!

Kaye Kelly

I have most recently completed three Tough Mudder Obstacle Races and one Miss Muddy.  In 2013 I had a team of 19 participants and 12 support crew and we completed in a grueling 5 hrs 30 mins in hot conditions; in 2014 I had a team of 14 participants and 14 support crew and we completed in 4 hrs 15 mins in freezing torrential conditions; and in 2016 I had a team of 9 participants and 8 support crew and we completed in 4 hrs 40 minutes in warm conditions and a great course.  The races are approximately 20km with anywhere from 18-25 obstacles.  The races are tough and after breaking my wrist in 2014 not even half way into the race (yes I still completed it!) I vowed that was it for me … but some of my team members convinced me to run another team in 2016 … I really just wanted that aqua headband haha … will there be a #4?  Anything is possible!
In 2015 I ran the 5km Miss Muddy course in Townsville with my bestie – a bit of fun for us both!

TM Muddy

Away from the gym I am a mad V8 Supercar fan (go Holden and Lowndsey!). I love spending time with my husband and friends, travelling the world and enjoying the sunshine and the beach.  I quite enjoy playing tennis although my game needs work – definitely still a beginner.  My husband taught me to snowboard a few years back – I don’t think I can call myself a snowboarder yet haha – I need a lot more time on the mountain to improve my confidence with that sport! :)

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